10 Ways To Convince Someone To Cruise

10 Ways To Convince Someone To Cruise

If you’re desperate to go on a cruise but struggling to get someone to share this amazing experience with you, it can be incredibly frustrating.  There are all sorts of reasons why people choose not to cruise.  A tight budget, fear of seasickness or being on a set schedule are all common barriers.  Why not try these methods to convince someone to cruise with you?

Glam Up 

Explain the advantages of cruising over a resort-based holiday.  How often do we get to dress up at home?  Many cruisers’ favourite part of the experience is the formal aspect with Captain’s cocktail parties and special menus on formal nights. Not everyone likes to dress up, however, so going casual can be an option on some cruise lines. Just be aware of dress codes, particularly in certain restaurants. 

No Airport/Flying 

Suggest a no-fly cruise itinerary departing from the nearest departure port.  I’ve never met anyone who loves hanging around waiting for a flight, except maybe Tom Hanks in that airport movie! Cruising is such a convenient way to travel especially you have a cruise departure port within easy reach. Why not catch the train to the port and start your holiday early? 

Make New Friends

You tend to see the same faces on cruises, especially on smaller ships.  If the person you’re trying to persuade likes meeting new people, there are so many sociable activities to get involved with. If your friend is less sociable, it’s easy to fall under the radar with plenty of places to relax with a good audio book.

Total Relaxation

Cruises are usually full board or all inclusive with designated cabin stewards so you don’t have to lift a finger (except for maybe a cocktail to your mouth)! All the more time for relaxing or enjoying all of the ship’s amenities. 

Destination Discoveries

Visit multiple ports on your home-from-home, all in the same holiday.  It’s a great way to try and test destinations before committing to an entire week or two. Explore the world taking in new ports of call every day or so then return to the safe haven of the ship.

A New Angle

Life at sea is another world whether you’re watching the sun set on the ocean, viewing beautiful coastlines, icebergs and glaciers or embracing all that the ship has to offer with deck games, casinos, spas and activities. I love to be rocked to sleep in my cosy cabin and waking up in new ports.

Host a Party

Host a cruise party making sure you invite experienced cruisers to convince your skeptical friends. People love sharing their favourite destinations and cruise stories so let them do the selling! Don’t let them get the photos out though as it can become tedious after the first 100! Fancy a Caribbean cruise? Try hosting a tropical party with rum punch, steel drum music and Caribbean shirts.

Help Budgeting

If there is a financial barrier, encourage them to save up and agree to do the same. Book a cruise deal far in advance allowing time to save for the balance. Check out this cruise piggy bank for a fun approach to the subject. Its also worth mentioning the household bill savings especially if you go in the winter months. Many cruise lines offer a low deposit option too.

Avoid Seasickness 

Opt for an itinerary with few sea days to avoid the risk of seasickness. It’s not the same as being on a ferry! Itineraries with fewer sea days include the Norwegian Fjords 5 nights from Newcastle. Around the UK 7-10 nights, the Lochs of Scotland, Mediterranean or Caribbean fly-cruise.

Overnight stays 

Many people avoid cruising as they don’t like to be on a schedule. Choosing an itinerary with multiple overnight stays will avoid that rushed feeling of getting back onboard the ship.  Or why not try a cruise and stay holiday?  

Are they ready to book? I would suggest opting for an all-inclusive package if available. Especially if travelling with friends. You don’t need the worry of whose round it is and for budgeting reasons, it’s nice to know you won’t have that dreaded bill at the end.

Still haven’t managed to convince them?  Maybe you’re better off just cruising solo. What’s stopping you?  Cruising is such a great option for solo travellers whether you’re single or not.

Solo champagne in observatory of cruise ship

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