Lost Passport Prevention Tips

Lost Passport Prevention Tips

Assuming you don’t enjoy that absolutely gut-wrenching feeling you’ve misplaced your passport.  You don’t need that added stress in life and especially when travelling do you?  These lost passport prevention tips may just save you from any passport mishaps in the future.

It’s wise to store your passport in a safe for the entire cruise duration although some ports will require you to take it ashore. Keeping passports and valuables zipped up securely in an inside pocket away from the temptation of pickpockets may seem obvious but is too often ignored.  Thankfully, bumbags are quite cool these days even if the word isn’t! Wear around the waist or over the shoulder concealed under a jacket. 

For extra peace of mind whilst abroad or before travelling, consider investing in a bluetooth tracker. The Tile Mate attaches to keys, purses, passport wallets or anything you can’t live without. You can also purchase Tile adhesives to stick on laptops and directly onto passports.

Scan or photograph the picture part of your passport to store on your devices and email to a few close friends or family. It will make applying for an emergency passport a lot easier if you do lose your passport while away. 

A common mistake which can cause extreme inconvenience is leaving passports behind in safes and rooms. Try setting a phone reminder to retrieve your passport prior to travelling home. Some of my friends store their passport in the shoes they’re travelling home in. Hardly going to leave without your shoes are you?

Upon returning home, always place your passport in a memorable place e.g. filing cabinet labelled ‘passport’ or better still, a fireproof safe.  Hopefully, adopting these lost passport prevention tips will make for a more enjoyable, stress-free cruise.

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