Why Solo Cruising Is So Popular

Why Solo Cruising Is So Popular

Cruising is such a great choice of holiday for solo travellers and by solo I mean anyone travelling solo or single. Sail with like-minded people, in a safe haven on a floating home-from-home. Travel the world and explore new destinations without an annoying counterpart! Don’t let anyone hold you back from doing what you want to do on your precious holiday. Here’s why solo cruising has become increasingly popular and why it should be considered by anyone, not just singles:-

Do What YOU Want To Do

Travelling with a partner or friend can involve a lot of compromising. Ever been on holiday with someone and they’ve turned out to be a complete nightmare? Think of how much precious holiday time is spent compromising with others when you could just do things at your own pace. You could invest so much time convincing someone to cruise then end up worrying if they’re enjoying themselves. Forget that! Concentrate on yourself and mingle with people who share your love of cruising.

Self Discovery

Cruising solo is a welcome distraction from the stresses of daily life or maybe a lost relationship. Although it might be outside your comfort zone, pushing these boundaries can instil confidence and a sense of achievement. You never know who is around the corner. Maybe a new best friend or the start of a new relationship. I have known people to find love on a cruise. 

 Best Ships For Solos 

Many cruise lines offer a fantastic program of activities for solo travellers from welcome drinks parties to organised meet ups. Cruises by nature are incredibly sociable. Smaller cruise ships can offer a more friendly, intimate atmosphere. You’re far more likely to see the same faces again. Larger cruise ships on the other hand, have more facilities and wide ranging activities to participate in. They can also have a greater selection of single cabins.  Whichever cruise line you book with, it’s worth requesting a large table and to sit with fellow solo travellers at dinner time. Why not join Facebook groups that are run by solos for specific cruise lines and ships for honest advice.

Escorted Cruising

Why not book with a solo holiday specialist escorted by a Tour Manager for peace of mind when cruising.  justyou offers cabins with no single supplement allowing you to enjoy the luxury of your own cabin while exploring some of Europe’s most famous waterways. 

If you prefer the idea of Ocean cruising there are a number of cruise lines catering for solo guests. Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines host welcome solos meetings and have dance hosts. Marella Cruises have social hostesses who arrange coffee mornings and evening meet ups so you can enjoy your meal and show with fellow solos.  

Solo Cruise Deals

As a Sales Manager on board cruise ships, solo travellers would often ask “Why do I have to pay the same as two sharing?  It seems so unfair.”  Thankfully things have changed for the better and we are seeing more single accommodation onboard cruise ships as well as “no single supplement” offers. Why not sign up for The Cruise Deal emails to receive cruise deals and solo offers straight to your inbox?

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