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Ahoy there cruisers! Welcome to my blog and deals site where I cover all things cruise from advice for solos to recommended itineraries and ships. I also showcase amazing cruise deals and promo codes for everyone to enjoy. The cruise deals you see are ones I would take up myself with itineraries I have either done or on my to do list. Let’s build a fun cruise community! Feel free to join in, ask questions, answer queries and post all things cruise to my social media pages.

My Cruise Life
My cruising adventure started at the age of 12 on the Black Prince on a very rough Canary Island round trip. The ship was only 11,000 tonnes (which is less than me after two weeks aboard to be honest) and was held in affection by its loyal guests. Yes, I was seasick but wouldn’t anyone be in a force 12 on a tug boat on the Bay of Biscay? I soon grew my sea legs and never looked back. 

After my Business and Tourism degree, I started a cruise career at sea, selling cruises….on cruises. Sounds great doesn’t it? Well it was, 95% of the time. Getting paid to travel the world, host the Captain’s table and meet so many lovely passengers and crew etc. But that 5% does stick in your mind and must be documented one day. Anecdotes will include the lady who complained about excessive wind due to too much onion in the food. She also blamed me for the weather. Well, it was rather windy! I was there to sell cruises but seemingly also to test my patience and as it turned out, I have a really convincing ‘yes I’m interested in your unwarranted complaint and life story’ face!

Cabin fever set in after two years so I returned home and started my shore-based role. I worked in Sales, Yield (where I gained excellent knowledge of how cruise pricing works) and also a stint working for a river cruise company that allowed me to experience a new and exciting form of cruising.

I’ve been out of the industry for a few years caring for my son but cruising is calling me! I have a recurring dream that I’m back on the cruise ship, enjoying the ship and time ashore but I forget to turn up for work! Maybe this is spurring me on to start selling cruises again. With that in mind, I have affiliate links in some of my blogs in the hope that I can justify the time spent on this new hobby!

Some of my favourite areas to cruise are the Amazon, Alaska, Norwegian fjords, the Baltic, Eastern Mediterranean, French rivers and the Rhine. If I could go anywhere tomorrow, I’d book a 2 week all inclusive Caribbean cruise and enjoy a bit of paradise. 

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